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My name is Alex. America’s mountains in Colorado, California, Washington and beyond are spectacular places in nature. Join me to learn how to hike, camp, and climb them safely and sustainably here at TNS. I have route guides, how-to’s, guides, and more to help you on your way. The site is 100% reader-supported. Thank you to all of my monthly patrons! Learn more about joining below. Safe travels on the trail!

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When I started hiking and climbing the mountains of Colorado, I noticed how many people were completely unprepared for the peaks. I started my blog to provide resources and information for those new to the mountains. If you have an idea or request for a new resource or article, or if you’d like to collaborate, get in touch with the link to the right. I look forward to connecting! 

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Lightning and 14ers

Lightning on 14ers Infographic Guide

During the hot and humid summer monsoon in Colorado, afternoon thunderstorms are the norm on most days in July and August. Above tree line, this lightning is among the most serious risk you’ll face on

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Why Self-Doubt Can be Critical on a Climb

Why Self-Doubt Can be Critical on a Climb

Self-confidence is key… that’s the lesson we hear our entire lives. It’s not necessarily wrong. Yet in decision-making, confidence can sometimes misdirect our best intentions. A healthy dose of self-awareness and doubt can help improve

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