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We leverage digital media tools and ad campaigns funded by our own ad revenue to educate the public about leave no trace and mountain safety best practices. We also collaborate with a network of partners to support their owrk. Learn more about how we work or start exploring our free resources and webinars below.

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My name is Alex. I started The Next Summit in 2019 to provide better resources for those new to the mountains. We leverage digital media strategies and tactics, like blogs, webinars, SEO and social media, to educate the public about leave no trace and mountain safety. We also work with a network of partners to fundraise, conduct research, and work on joint projects for the mountain community. Learn more about our work below.

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We have 7 different on-demand webinars you can watch at any time. Topics include backcountry navigation, climbing a 14er, altitude sickness, avalanche awareness, and more. 

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I have route guides for hiking and climbing dozens of peak in Colorado and California. Find the right mountain and route for you and start planning your next adventure with The Next Summit.

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