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Best 14ers near Colorado Springs

Best 14ers Near Colorado Springs | 7 Spectacular Peaks

Pikes Peak towers over Colorado Springs, with its Barr Trail trailhead just a 20 minute drive from the city. No other major city in the state of Colorado is so close to a 14er (a peak 14,000 feet tall). However it’s not the only 14er in the area. There are many fourteeners located within a 2 and a half hour drive of Colorado Springs, with a variety of difficulties and experiences available. Here are seven of the best 14ers near Colorado Springs, all great options for hiking and climbing during the summer months. 

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Pikes Peak - 20 Minutes Away

Of all of the best 14ers near Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak is the closest by far. It’s only a short drive from downtown Colorado Springs, making it a great and easy trip. Keep in mind that the standard route on the Bar Trail is an exhausting 24 miles round-trip. This isn’t something to do on a whim. However, with the mountain so close, it’s great for doing training hikes and increasing your distance with each attempt. As a class 1 hike, anyone in reasonable shape and a bit of endurance can make it to the summit. 

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Quandary Peak - 1 Hour & 55 Minutes Away

There’s a big jump from Pikes Peak and the other 14ers on the list, as Colorado Springs is surrounded by a region without high peaks. However, numerous options await a short two-hour drive away. Quandary Peak is one of the most popular peaks in the state, just south of Breckenridge. It’s accessible year-round, and is a good first winter 14er as a result of its limited avalanche risk on the winter route.

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Winter 14ers for Beginners

The Decalibron - 2 Hours Away

The Decalibron is actually four different 14ers: Mount Democrat, Mount Cameron, Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross. You can climb all four in a single day (except for Mount Bross, which is currently closed to public access). It’s the only multi-peak climb on my list of the best 14ers near Colorado Springs. It’ll take about 2 hours to reach, taking you through South Park, Fairplay and Alma along the way. You can climb all the peaks, or just one or two – whatever you can handle. They’re all class 2 scrambles that are relatively easy.

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Mount Antero - 2 Hours & 10 Minutes Away

Mount Antero is the first Sawatch Range 14er on the list. Just a bit over 2 hours from Colorado Springs, Mount Antero’s standard route follows a 4WD jeep road for most of the way. If you have a vehicle that can handle it, it’s possible to get up to 13,000 feet before continuing to the summit on foot. For those looking for less vehicle traffic, consider the non-standard approach from the East along Little Browns Creek.

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Humboldt Peak - 2 Hours & 15 Minutes Away

Humboldt Peak is the only Sangre de Cristo mountain range 14er on this list, and is one of the more difficult best 14ers near Colorado Springs. The approach hike to South Colony Lake is long and tiring and made longer if you cannot reach the 4WD trailhead. However, the views from the summit of the surrounding peaks are stunning and worth the effort. You can also climb Crestone Peak and the Crestone Needle if you have time from this area, two tougher class 3 peaks.

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Mount Bierstadt - 2 Hours & 20 Minutes Away

Mount Bierstadt is far to the north of Colorado Springs, just west of Denver. It’s the most popular fourteener on this list of the best 14ers near Colorado Springs. In fact, it’s so popular, you may find hundreds of others with you on the summit. I recommend saving this peak for a fall weekday when the trail is less busy. Get an early start as well if you want to find a parking spot at the trailhead.

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Mount Sherman - 2 Hours & 20 Minutes Away

Mount Sherman is just south of the Decalibron peaks, and is steeped in mining history and relics. The iconic Hilltop mine stood until 2018 at nearly 13,200 feet on the mountain’s slopes, and you’ll pass numerous mining tunnel remains. There are also the remains of a large aerial tramway that once delivered ore from the mines to the mill below. Sherman is also a good winter 14er, so long as you take the south slope route to avoid avalanche and cornice risk on the standard route.

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The Best 14ers Near Colorado Springs: Now You Know!

While Pikes Peak is the obvious fourteener in Colorado Springs, there are many options on the list of the best 14ers near Colorado Springs. The mountains are spread across the state in a number of different ranges and with varying difficulty levels – there’s something for everyone. Now that you have more info on the best 14ers near Colorado Springs, pick a peak, read the route guide, and you can start hiking. Save travels on the trail!

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Alex Derr is an Eagle Scout, climber, and environmental policy expert located in Denver, Colorado. He created The Next Summit to help others stay safe exploring the mountains and advocate to preserve the peaks for the future. Follow him on Linkedin or Twitter or click here to contact him.

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