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The fifty-eight named 14ers are scattered throughout the state of Colorado. Here’s a helpful map of the Colorado 14ers colored according to their range. Click any peak below on the map to link to my route guide for that 14er. 

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What officially counts as a Colorado 14er?


According to long-standing rules, a mountain must stand at least 300 feet above any connecting ridges or saddles. This is called the prominence rule. 53 Colorado mountains fit this standard. However Colorado includes five 14ers that lie short of this 300-foot requirement and still have an officially recognized name. This includes El Diente Peak, Mt. Cameron, North Maroon Peak, Conundrum Peak, North Eolus. This brings the total number of named or ranked peaks to 58. 

There are a number of additional peaks in Colorado beyond 14,000 feet that are unranked and unnamed officially, but have informal names marked on some maps. When counting these, the number soars to more than 75 peaks. However, the most popular lists used use the number 53 or 38. What you choose to use is up to you!

Don’t head out to these peaks without the right planning, gear and precaution. 14ers kill every year, even the ‘easy’ summits. Take the time to research your route, bring the right gear, and leave your plans with someone back home. Stay safe and have a great climb.

Still looking for more 14er resources? Here are some of my go-to websites and Guide pages: 14ers. com (Guides, maps, photos & more). (Guides & Photos). CO 14er Initiative (Conservation, Trails). 

Looking to purchase a map of Colorado 14ers? I recommend this National Geographic Map Pack available on Amazon. It has a good level of detail, topographical details and trailhead information for each of the 14er trails. I bring it with me on ever climb I go on!

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