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At "The Next Summit," our mission is to inform, educate, and empower individuals like you to explore America's mountains and public lands safely and responsibly. We believe in proactive education to prevent issues before they arise, supporting the crucial work of Search and Rescue teams and stewardship crews, and reducing the growing impact of overuse on our natural landscapes.

Your Membership Makes a Difference:

  • Free Skill-Building Webinars: As a member, you’ll support our free monthly training webinars, enhancing the community’s outdoor skills and knowledge.
  • Advocacy for Sustainable Policies: Your support helps us continue our advocacy work, including our collaboration with the Fix CRUS Coalition to protect access to Colorado’s 14ers.
  • Expert-Led Awareness Campaigns: We run vital ad campaigns on Leave No Trace ethics, avalanche safety, and altitude sickness prevention.
  • Comprehensive Guides and Blogs: You help us create and share educational guides, articles, and resources with the public to prevent search and rescue missions and negative user impacts on public lands.

Why Your Support is Crucial:

  • Tackling Urgent Challenges: The increasing demands on SAR teams and the rising impact of overuse on trailheads, campgrounds, and wildlife need immediate attention. Your membership helps us address these issues proactively.

  • Filling the Funding Gap: Unlike many organizations, we rely solely on ad revenue and member support, as traditional funding sources like grants are often unavailable to us. However, this also leaves us in a position to move rapidly when need to fill gaps in the education and advocacy space.

Three Membership Tiers: Choose Your Summit

All Next Summit Members support our work, receive our monthly members-only newsletter, and can join our Next Summit Advisory Group.

Summit Supporter

Lay the foundation for a thriving mountain community while unlocking exclusive insights and having a voice in our future.
$ 5
00 Monthly
  • LNT & Safety Advocacy Support
  • Exclusive Monthly Content:
  • Advisory Group Access
  • Personalized Trip Planning
  • 1:1 Peak Prep Coaching
  • Exclusive Yearly Summit T-Shirt


Get climbing with individual trip guidance, quarterly coaching, and play a critical role in upholding our mountain values.
$ 10
00 Monthly
  • LNT & Safety Advocacy Support
  • Exclusive Monthly Content:
  • Advisory Group Access
  • Personalized Trip Planning - 1/year
  • 1:1 Peak Prep Coaching - Quarterly
  • Exclusive Yearly Summit T-Shirt

Summit Champion

Achieve peak level with unparalleled access to expert coaching, trip planning perks, and an annual token of our appreciation.
$ 20
00 Monthly
  • LNT & Safety Advocacy Support
  • Exclusive Monthly Content:
  • Advisory Group Access
  • Personalized Trip Planning - 2/year
  • 1:1 Peak Prep Coaching - Monthly
  • Exclusive Yearly Summit T-Shirt

Meet Your Guide and Coach, Alex Derr

Alex has been climbing in the Colorado Rockies for more than six years, with 65+ ascents above 13,000 feet and 150+ camping nights in the backcountry. With more than 20 years of outdoor experience as an Eagle Scout and environmental policy expert, he has a broad yet deep knowledge of hiking, camping, and climbing in the mountains of the west.

Alex provides personalized trip planning support to members at Advocate and Champion levels. He can propose where to go, help create packing lists, and work with you to create a training plan. He specializes in 14er ascents, dispersed camping, and backpacking trips, but can help with other types of outdoor recreation too. Additionally, work with Alex during 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to prepare for your adventures physically, mentally, and logistically. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Next Summit has several ongoing initiatives that its members support through monthly membership dues. This includes:

  • Operating and promoting our free monthly Mountain Skill-building Webinars.
  • Creation and dissemination of our route guides, how-to articles, and other free resources.
  • Advocating for changes to state law to help restore access to closed 14ers, trails, and other outdoor recreation areas.
  • Running advertising campaigns that build awareness and help the public learn how to stay safe and reduce their impact.

Learn more about what we do.

Choose one of the three plans above based on the level of support you wish to provide and the benefits you are interested in receiving. You can pay using a debit or credit card through Stripe, our payment processing partner. Memberships auto-renew each month until canceled. You can change your membership level or cancel it at any time by emailing us at

The Next Summit is a registered LLC in Colorado. Therefore membership dues are not tax-deductible at this time. However, the taxes paid by your contribution and by our organization also help support public lands and search and rescue. That’s a win-win and a big reason we choose to remain a private-sector social enterprise rather than a non-profit. 

14er Planner

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14er Planner

Download my Colorado 14ers Planner for Your Next Summit!

Become a subscriber to download my free 14er planner. It lists all 58 peaks in the perfect climbing order. Get it now & start planning!