Mt. Bierstadt Hiking Guide

Everything You Need to Hike Mt Bierstadt!

The Mt. Bierstadt Hiking Guide has all the information you need to safely ascend this 14er. It includes:

  • Topographical map with route checkpoints
  • Route description and checkpoint images
  • Leave No Trace Guideline Reminders
  • Ten Essentials Packing Advice
  • Local Emergency Response Phone Numbers
  • What to Watch For While Hiking

Get everything you need to climb Mt. Bierstadt today!

Download the Mount Bierstadt Hiking Guide!

My tri-fold guide includes a topographical map of the route with checkpoint images, Leave No Trace reminders and key packing advice. If anything goes wrong, you have access to local Sheriff Search and Rescue contact information. If you want to make your first ascent safe and successful, the Mt Bierstadt Hiking Guide is just what you need. Download it today for free using the above form. 

Mt Bierstadt Hiking Guide

Route Description & Photos

The guide includes a topographical map of the route with photos of five different checkpoints along the way.

Mt Bierstadt Hiking Guide

Leave No Trace Practices

Ensure your hike leaves the fragile alpine terrain in the same condition you find it with the 7 Leave No Trace Guidelines.

Mt Bierstadt Hiking Guide

Emergency Contact Info

If something goes wrong, the last thing you need is a phone book. Keep the contact info you need close by with my Guide.