New Clue Emerges 14er Missing Hiker

New Clue Found in Decades-Old Colorado 14er Missing Hiker Case

HOLY CROSS WILDERNESS, CO — For 18 long years, the question of what happened to Michelle Vanek hung in the air like the haze of a Colorado wildfire. A recent discovery, however, may finally offer some closure to a case that has long puzzled investigators, searchers, and the Colorado community.

Michelle Vanek, a 35-year-old wife and mother of four, disappeared on September 24, 2005, during an attempt to summit her first 14er, Mount of the Holy Cross, with a family friend. The massive eight-day search that followed—the largest in state history—involving over 800 volunteers, yielded no trace of her whereabouts. That was until late August 2022, when a father and son stumbled upon a weather-beaten hiking boot in a remote area north of the summit. Forensic tests later confirmed the boot belonged to Vanek.

The discovery was not just a breakthrough in the case but also a vindication for Scott Beebe, president of the board of Vail Mountain Rescue Group. “It changes the narrative,” he said to 9News. “We now have the first tangible piece of evidence, reaffirming that what happened was a tragic accident and not something nefarious.”

The boot, a Sorrel Asystec with a black rubber sole, was found tucked against a boulder in an area seldom visited by hikers, below the Angelica Couloir on the peak’s northwest side. This contradicts the popular belief that she wandered west, like most people who end up lost in the area, and instead headed north into an extremely remote area. During the original search, the area was described as ‘impassable’ due to deep snow that made it impossible to fully explore.

This month, SAR crews with canine units and a helicopter conducted additional searches of the area, with the goal of finding additional human remains to determine her final resting place without a doubt. Unfortunately, those efforts have yet to yield additional clues.

Vanek had been hiking with an experienced partner who had summited 38 of Colorado’s 58 14ers. The pair had intended to take the standard Northeast Ridge route but ended up on the more difficult Halo Route due to confusion at the trailhead. After separating near the summit, Vanek vanished, leaving her partner and the wider community to question how an experienced marathoner could disappear without a trace.

The last known photo of Michelle before she went missing.

Lessons Learned and Relevant Safety Tips

The heartbreaking saga of Michelle Vanek serves as a poignant lesson on the importance of proper preparation and decision-making while venturing into the wilderness.

  1. Never Separate: In challenging terrains, always stay within sight of your hiking partners.

  2. Know the Route: Always research the trail you are going to take, be aware of the conditions, and be prepared for contingencies.

  3. Carry Essential Gear: Always pack enough food, water, and clothing to last in case of an emergency. Specialized gear like GPS can be life-saving.

  4. Leave an Itinerary: Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.

  5. Watch for Symptoms: Pay attention to signs of altitude sickness, dehydration, or exhaustion.

While nothing can bring back Michelle Vanek, the discovery of the boot at least offers a measure of closure to her family and serves as a vital cautionary tale for those who venture into Colorado’s beautiful but unforgiving landscapes. Learn more with our comprehensive mountain safety guide.

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