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Our Unique Approach

A Proactive Approach to Prevent Negative Outdoor Impact.

Over the past decade, an influx of outdoor enthusiasts has taken to the trails, leading to increased impacts on our precious natural environments. While we all agree on the importance of education, funding and resources are stretched thin. That’s where The Next Summit steps in.

A Unique Strategy to Protect the Peaks

Our Theory of Change: We believe that outdoor education and advocacy can and should go hand in hand. By reaching out to adventurers where they seek information and offering guidance that prioritizes safety and conservation, we can make a tangible difference.

What Sets Us Apart
  1. Leading with Education: Unlike many travel blogs, our content is saturated with Leave No Trace principles and mountain safety. We’re not just telling you where to go; we’re showing you how to do it responsibly.

  2. Digital Outreach: Our deep expertise in digital marketing enables us to reach a wider audience and out-rank sources that ignore ethical practices.

  3. Partnerships with Purpose: Collaborating with key conservation organizations ensures our content and advocacy efforts are aligned with the needs of the outdoor community.

  4. A Flexible Approach: As a social enterprise, we can adapt quickly to evolving trends and concerns, keeping our mission and strategies fresh and relevant.

Why Our Approach Works
  • It’s Proactive: We don’t wait for problems to escalate; we address them at the source, guiding those new to outdoor recreation.
  • It’s Sustainable: Our funding model supports both awareness and tangible actions on the ground.
  • It’s Inclusive: We invite everyone to be a part of the solution, fostering a community of responsible outdoor lovers.

Join us in leading the way to a sustainable outdoor future. Our mountains, trails, and wilderness depend on it.

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Our members are the backbone of our success. Join us in being part of the solution to our growing outdoor recreation impacts in Colorado and beyond. Your contributions support public training programs, social ad campaigns, policy advocacy efforts, and much more.

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14er Planner

Download my Colorado 14ers Planner for Your Next Summit!

Become a subscriber to download my free 14er planner. It lists all 58 peaks in the perfect climbing order. Get it now & start planning!