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14ers Weather Guide
Colorado 14ers

14ers Weather Guide: 7 Signs of Impending Mountain Storms

The tallest peaks in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, fondly known as 14ers, are a hiker’s dream. With their pristine ecosystems, panoramic vistas, and challenging trails, they offer an unparalleled outdoor experience. However, this high-altitude wilderness demands respect, particularly when it

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14er tips infographic
Colorado 14ers

14 14er Tips for Safe Ascents: Mountain Infographic

Colorado’s famous 14ers offer adventurous hikers a thrilling, unique experience coupled with awe-inspiring views. However, these majestic peaks also bring with them certain risks and challenges that require careful preparation and prudent decision-making. In our continuous effort to equip outdoor

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finding hiking partners do's and don'ts
Hiking Advice

Finding Hiking Partners: 14 Do’s and Don’ts

Hiking and climbing adventures beckon the daring, but the shared experiences offered through partnerships are truly transformative. Finding hiking partners that check off all the right boxes, however, requires a careful balance of multiple factors. Here are some of the

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best walkie talkie for mountains
Gear Recommendations

#1 Best Walkie Talkie for Mountains: Rocky Talkie

Venturing into the majestic terrains of mountains is an exhilarating experience. The breathtaking landscapes coupled with the thrill of adventure offer an unmatched sense of liberation. However, such expeditions also bring about challenges, particularly in the realm of communication. This

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