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Aspenglen Weather Conditions and Forecast

Discover the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park while staying at Aspenglen Campground. Situated at an elevation of approximately 8,200 feet, the weather at Aspenglen can vary greatly throughout the year. Understanding the local weather conditions is essential for planning your trip and ensuring a comfortable stay. To help you prepare, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions and additional resources to guide you in making the most of your visit to Aspenglen Campground.

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Aspenglen Weather Conditions and Forecast

The best source of weather information for Aspenglen Campground is the National Weather Service. Scroll down to view their full page on the Aspenglen weather forecast, including the current conditions and a detailed forecast for the next five days. While there are other weather models available, in my experience, the National Weather Service model tends to be the most accurate.

Aspenglen Weather FAQs

Aspenglen Campground’s average temperature ranges from highs around 70°F in the summer months to lows around 10°F in the winter months. Keep in mind that these temperatures can vary, and it’s essential to check the latest forecast before your trip.

Winter snowfall at Aspenglen Campground can be quite significant, with accumulations often exceeding several feet. Snow typically begins in October and continues through April, with the heaviest snowfall typically occurring in December and January.

The best time to visit Aspenglen Campground for warmer weather and minimal snow is from late June through early September. During this period, daytime temperatures are generally mild, and the risk of snow is low.

Aspenglen Campground is not open year-round. It typically opens in late May and closes in late September, depending on weather conditions. It’s important to check the campground’s operating schedule before planning your visit.

During the peak summer months, Aspenglen Campground experiences mild to warm daytime temperatures, with highs usually in the 70s. However, nighttime temperatures can drop significantly, often falling into the 40s. Be prepared for cooler evenings and the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms are common in the area, especially during the summer months. To stay safe during thunderstorms, avoid open spaces, seek shelter, and stay away from tall trees and bodies of water.

To prepare for changing weather conditions at Aspenglen Campground, pack layers of clothing, including a waterproof and breathable jacket, as well as warm clothing for cooler evenings. Be sure to check the weather forecast regularly and adjust your plans as needed.

The best way to stay updated on current weather conditions during your stay at Aspenglen Campground is to check forecasts from reliable sources such as the National Weather Service,, or local news outlets. Additionally, you can ask campground staff for updates and recommendations.

Aspenglen Weather

Moraine Park Weather Additional Resources

Here are some additional websites, links, and resources for researching and planning for the weather conditions at the Moraine Park Campground, located at an elevation of 8,160 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  1. National Weather Service (NWS) forecast for Aspenglen Campground:
  2.’s local forecast for Aspenglen Campground:
  3. Rocky Mountain National Park’s official website for campground information and weather updates:
  4. Weather Underground’s local forecast for Aspenglen Campground:
  5. AccuWeather’s local forecast for Aspenglen Campground:
  6. The Weather Channel’s local forecast for Aspenglen weather conditions:
  7. WeatherBug’s local forecast for Aspenglen Campground:
  8. Colorado Road Conditions and Weather Updates:
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