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Our new infographic shares Colorado avalanche awareness information and advice.

Colorado Avalanche Awareness Infographic

Colorado is home to more avalanche injuries and fatalities than any other part of the United States. This is because of the unique weather patterns and snow we receive compared to other mountains along the

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Opinions & Editorials

Protect 14er Access: 9 Ways to Help

Five Colorado 14ers are currently closed to the public due to landowner liability concerns. While a recent bill, SB 23-103, would have addresses the problem, it died in Committee. A coalition of groups supporting this

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Mount Lindsey Closure

Mount Lindsey Closure: Action Alert!

For nearly a year, Mount Lindsey has been closed to climbers due to liability concerns – the sixth fourteener lost to public access in the past two decades. While access to others, like Mount Democrat

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best snowshoes for 14ers
Gear Recommendations

Best Snowshoes for 14ers

Hiking in deep snow is an unpleasant, if not miserable experience. Unless it is hard packed, you constantly punch through the snow crust and plunge several feet down – known as postholing (imagine your leg

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