Reach Your Next Summit with Personalized Coaching!

Climbing to the summit of a Rocky Mountain peak is a true bucket list experience. Overcoming the challenges associated with reaching the summit is an amazing personal accomplishment – and with the right support, you can do it too! As your Next Summit coach, I can provide personalized advice and accountability to help you train, plan and prepare to climb a 13,000 or 14,000-foot peak. Learn more about my coaching below, or click below to request a free Discovery Call.

How Does Next Summit Coaching Work?

My coaching program runs over three months to gradually help you plan and train for your fourteener or thirteener ascent. It includes a mix of face-to-face discussion and coaching, online learning modules, and a personalized training plan to help you get in shape and get used to the mountains before you attempt a high peak.

The Program Includes:

Who is Next Summit Coaching For?

This coaching program is intended for beginners and those new to hiking and climbing in the mountains. Here are some examples of who it is designed for:

  • Someone who wants to get into better shape before they climb a peak.
  • A person who wants to climb a 14er but has a lot of anxiety of fear about it.
  • Anyone who wants to hike a high peak but just wants a little extra support, encouragement, and accountability.

This coaching is not for everyone. Here are some things that might disqualify you:

  • You are already an experienced hiker or climber in the mountains.
  • You want to get in shape or become a hiker but you don’t have any desire to ever climb a mountain.

Meet Your Next Summit Coach: Alex Derr

I’m an Eagle Scout, lifelong hiker, and experienced Colorado mountaineer. With more than 45 ascents over 13,000 feet, and certifications in Wilderness First Aid and Leave No Trace ethics, I have a deep passion for helping others explore the mountains of the American West. It’s a privilege to get to help people identify and overcome the barriers in their life preventing them from reaching their goals, and help them experience the joy that comes from a first Colorado summit.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more in a Discovery Call. Safe travels on the trail!

Your Next Summit Coaching Pricing

One Month Coaching Package


My one-month coaching package includes:

  • two 30-minute video calls,
  • four weekly email check-ins,
  • access to a custom training plan,
  • six online learning modules,
  • a library of resources.

Three Month Coaching Package


My three-month coaching package includes:

  • three 60-minute video calls,
  • twelve weekly email check-ins,
  • access to a custom training plan,
  • six online learning modules,
  • a library of resources.

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