My Checklist includes everything needed for a safe summit!

Packing for a 14er trip isn’t easy – my Colorado 14er packing checklist has everything on it you need for your next summer hike or climb. You can print out the checklist, use it on your computer, or share it with friends. No need to ask permission!

More 14er Packing Checklist Advice

Looking for more resources in addition to my 14er packing checklist? Here’s a collection of my top gear reviews and guides to help you pack and prepare for your next fourteener hike or climb. Make sure you have all the right gear, including backpacks, boots, trekking poles, and other equipment for a safe and successful summit. A 14er Packing Checklist is only as good as the gear you can bring!

Gear Recommendations

What is a COSAR Card & Why Do You Need One?

Colorado search and rescue missions are always free. That means you won’t be charged to be found and rescued, receive first aid, and be evacuated to the trailhead (though you might get charged for a

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Best Gaiters for 14ers
Gear Recommendations

Best Gaiters for 14ers | Five Great Options

During the winter and spring in Colorado, the mountains can see seven feet or more of snowfall in a single storm! Significant amounts of snow are the norm on most fourteeners into June every year.

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14er Packing Checklist Guides & Books

Still looking for more resources related to my 14er packing checklist? Here are a few 14er guides and books available for purchase.