We educate the public, conduct research, and advocate for the mountains with our partners

Our mission is to help people safely and successfully explore the mountains and public lands of the American west. We do this through public education and awareness building, research to advance the field, advocacy to support access, conservation, education, and safety, and collaboration with a network of partners. Learn more below.

We Educate New Visitors to Public Lands

We create free educational resources, host skill-building webinars, and fund public awareness ad campaigns to promote Leave No Trace and mountain safety best practices.

We Conduct Research to Advance the Field

We conduct original research on pressing issues affecting the outdoor recreation community and share our findings with our partners to advance outdoor education and advocacy.

We Advocate for Access, Safety & Conservation

We take action to support public policy and legislation that strengthens outdoor education, supports search and rescue, conserves public lands, and protects recreational access.

We Collaborate with a Diverse Network of Community Partners

We recognize that our community can accomplish more by working together than we can in silos on our own. We collaborate with our community partners to educate, research, and advocate for the mountains of the west, outdoor enthusiasts, search and rescue teams, and U.S. public lands.


We aim to prevent wildfires, search & rescue calls, and other visitor impacts on the mountains through education, collaboration, and advocacy. If you support our mission, please consider joining us as a member for only $5/month. Together, we can all be part of the solution. Thanks for visiting!

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