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About The Next Summit

The Mountains Are Calling, and More Are Answering. 

The increase in outdoor enthusiasts brings joy and community but also safety concerns and environmental impacts. How do we nurture a passion for the outdoors without harming what we love? The Next Summit’s unique approach aims to do just that.

Our Mission

The Next Summit aims to bridge the gap between excitement for outdoor recreation and responsible stewardship. Unlike many travel bloggers and directories, we lead with ethical guidance. Our content is not only informative but also instructive, emphasizing Leave No Trace (LNT) principles, mountain safety information, and responsible outdoor practices.

What Makes Us Different

We prioritize conservation, safety, and ethical practices over mere profit. Our approach is two-fold:

  1. Education: Creating high-quality articles and guides that lead with Leave No Trace and mountain safety information, out-ranking those that ignore these vital aspects.
  2. Advocacy: Generating ad revenue that’s channeled into awareness ads, policy advocacy, and direct support for our partners working in the field, including Colorado’s key conservation organizations.

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What You’ll Learn

Through our content and community, you can discover:

  • Guidance: Over 80+ route guides and 200+ resources emphasizing leave no trace and mountain safety.
  • Skill Development: Free monthly webinars on topics like avalanche awareness, wilderness survival, backcountry navigation, and more.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Social media ads in partnership with Colorado SAR Association and LNT Center.
  • Policy Advocacy: Focused efforts to protect and restore public access, safety, and conservation outdoors.
  • Field Support: Direct financial aid to our partners doing search and rescue, leave no trace, and trail restoration work.
  • Future Initiatives: Exciting upcoming projects like the 14er Visitor Survey Project in 2024.

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about our education and advocacy programs.

Become a Summit Supporter

Our members are the backbone of our success. Join us in being part of the solution to our growing outdoor recreation impacts in Colorado and beyond. Your contributions support public training programs, social ad campaigns, policy advocacy efforts, and much more.

Our Social Enterprise Model

The Next Summit is a mission-driven for-profit enterprise. We chose this path to have the flexibility to invest and respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of the outdoor recreation education and advocacy ecosystem. Our commitment to providing value is unwavering, and with your membership, we can focus more on direct education and advocacy, rather than ad revenue. Read about our approach and our programs to learn more about our impact.

Together, We Can Reach Higher

The Next Summit is more than a brand; it’s a movement. It’s a shared responsibility to enjoy the peaks we love while protecting and preserving them for future generations. We invite you to join us, support our cause, and make a lasting impact.

Become a Member Today and support our mission to create a better outdoor recreation future.

Meet our Founder: Alex Derr

Alex Derr started The Next Summit in 2018 as a personal blog after a harrowing experience on Longs Peak. As often happens, a thunderstorm moved in during the early afternoon while he descended. However, Alex watched dozens of people climb blindly into the brewing storm, unaware of the threat to their lives that was growing in front of his eyes. Alex realized that most people get hiking info from sites like AllTrails or, which provide great route info but not critical background info on Leave No Trace and mountain safety. He started blogging to be part of the solution, and over time, The Next Summit has grown to play a key role in the outdoor recreation ecosystem in Colorado. Learn more about Alex by connecting with him on LinkedIn or emailing him.
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14er Planner

Download my Colorado 14ers Planner for Your Next Summit!

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