The Next Summit helps people safely explore and protect America’s mountains.

In July of 2019, I climbed Longs Peak for the first time – I was shocked to see dozens of people hiking blindly into a thunderstorm, without either the knowledge or gear needed to stay safe. I started this site to help people learn how to stay safe and leave no trace in the mountains. You can learn more about our work below.

We help others explore the mountains and public land.

Climbing a mountain isn’t easy – there’s a reason why the lore of mountain climbing is a stable for stories on perseverance and overcoming challenges. The Next Summit is here to help other succeed in meeting their mountain goals, whether it’s climbing 1 fourteener or all 58. We have a special place in our heart for those new to the mountains, even if they’re unsure what their goals are yet. We can help them discover that too.

We promote safety and risk management in the backcountry.

Climbing a mountain isn’t safe – search and rescue crews go on hundreds of mission each year to rescue injured, lost, or otherwise incapacitated hikers and climbers from the backcountry. The Next Summit focuses on sharing education and resources with those entering the Colorado mountains to stay safe, including the skills, gear, knowledge and know-how needed in the backcountry if something goes wrong.

We teach Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and practices.

As more and more people head to the mountain each year, our impact is steadily growing. The mountains, contrary to popular belief, are an extremely fragile landscape, where alpine tundra can take centuries to completely regrow after being trampled by hikers. The Next Summit works to educate all those heading to the mountains, especially those new to the area, on how to protect these peaks through their actions and advocacy.

We work with partners to amplify our shared impact!

We are a proud member of numerous coalitions and partnerships to promote Leave No Trace outdoor ethics, preventative search and rescue best practices, and outdoor recreation access across Colorado.

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