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Colorado is home to hundreds of peaks 13,000 feet or higher (more than 600 to be precise!). These summits provide stunning views like their taller 14er cousins, but are much quieter with far fewer hikers on their slopes. Here’s an assortment of Colorado 13er routes that I highly recommend. You can view them sorted by range further below. This page is under construction as I write new Route Guides. Thanks for your patience!

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Colorado 13er Routes Sorted By Range

This page is still under construction as I write Route Guides. Check back again for new 13er Guides every two weeks.

Front Range 13ers

San Juan Range 13ers

Sawatch Range 13ers

Elk Range 13ers

Gore Range 13ers

Ten Mile Range 13ers

Mosquito Range 13ers

Sangre de Christo Range 13ers

Colorado is Home to Hundreds of Peaks Taller Than 13,000 Feet!

The 600+ Colorado 13ers are scattered across the various sub-ranges of the state. Some are close to the Denver and Front Range Metro areas, while others are deep in the San Juans and Sangre de Christo mountains far from civilization. These mountains are deceptive; while shorter than their 14er siblings, they see far less traffic. This means you need to be prepared for more difficult route-finding and be more self-reliant should something go wrong.

With 600+ options to choose from, the 13ers have something for everyone. From class 1 walk-up’s to Class 5 technical climbs, there’s an option for every experience level. Visit back to see new Colorado 13er routes added here each month. To prepare for fourteener hikes and climbs, visit my Colorado 14er Route Guides page for maps and information.

Looking for even more information? You can also visit https://www.climb13ers.com/colorado-13ers/ or https://www.summitpost.org/colorado-13ers/185947 for more Colorado 13er routes. They have a great database of routes and information to help you plan your next trip. Save travels on the trail!

Disclaimer: Hiking, climbing, skiing and otherwise recreating on Colorado 13ers and 14ers is an inherently risky, dangerous activity. By using information in my route guides, participants accept all risk and liability associated with their activities. Even with the best planning and preparation, injury or death is still possible in the mountains. Hike and climb at your own risk.


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