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We advocate for policies that advances access, education, conservation, and safety

We leverage our follower base, advertising budget, community connections, and policy experience to advocate for the peaks. We use our resources to support legislation, rules, and proposals that strengthen public recreational access, improve LNT and safety education, conserve public lands, and support search and rescue.

How we advocate for the peaks

We track legislation and launch campaigns and action alerts at key moments when grassroots pressure can make or break legislation that would support and advance our mission. Here’s how we advocate for strong public policies.

1. We track and monitor legislation relevant to our community

Colorado is affected by public policies crafted and passed at the federal, state, and local level, including towns, cities, and counties across the state. We work with partners to monitor legislation and identify priorities for action. As founding members and regular attendees at the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Roundtable, we keep tabs on evolving issues and join working groups or coalitions addressing issues that matter to outdoor enthusiasts. 

We are in the process of developing a Legislation Tracker on our website with a built-in Action Center for contacting lawmakers, circulating petitions, and taking other action to support high-priority bills at critical moments in the policy process.

2. We are a founding member and supporter of the FIX CRUS Coalition to protect and expand recreational land access.

With five 14ers closed to the public and access to three others and many other trails and wild areas at risk, we took action with our partners to found the Fix CRUS Coalition. Working closely with our partners, we are working to coordinate a broad campaign with landowners, conservationists, the outdoor recreation community, and many others to strengthen our state’s recreational use statute. By providing landowners stronger liability protection, we can restore access to previously open areas – and gain access to new areas that have never before been accessible to the public. This campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to open up vast tracts of land to the public for outdoor recreation, including hiking, climbing, mountain biking, hunting, and more.

Click here to visit the Fix CRUS Coalition website.

Support our Work!

Patrons provide a critical consistent stream of resources for our legislation tracking and public policy advocacy campaigns. Join today to access exclusive content and extra perks as our way of saying thanks for your support for Leave No Trace and mountain safety education.

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Download my Colorado 14ers Planner for Your Next Summit!

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