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Altitude Sickness 101: Acclimation, Treatment, and Science

October 25, 2022 | 6:00 pm Mountain Time | Free Webinar

Higher elevation areas have significantly less oxygen available than sea level, which can cause a series of symptoms and conditions collectively known as altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness (AMS). There is a significant amount of study and science on the topic, with methods like acclimation and medication that are proven to lower your risk of developing AMS. In my next free webinar, we will walk through the underlying science of altitude and AMS, discuss how to prevent it, and walk through treating it should it occur despite your best efforts.

Learn how to reduce your risk of altitude sickness while hiking and camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If you start searching online for altitude sickness cures, you’ll find a number of crazy pills and solutions meant to prevent or treat AMS. In truth, the science is clear on what works and what doesn’t. Join me for an evidence-based review of who is most at risk, the best way to prevent altitude sickness, and methods for treating the symptoms should they strike despite your acclimation (which is always a risk).

What Will You Learn During This Webinar?

We’ll discuss why there is less air at higher elevations and how that impacts for respiratory system and overall health. We will also look at the data to see what your risk of AMS is depending on a few different factors.

I’ll share a tried and true schedule to use to gradually acclimate and let your body adjust to the elevation. This is the best way to reduce your risk of developing altitude sickness.

Even with all the right preparation, there is still always a small chance you can develop symptoms. We’ll discuss what the science shows works to treat the symptoms of AMS in the field.

While most cases of AMS are mild or moderate, it can cause severe impairment and even death if it becomes critical. We will cover what to look for to recognize life-threatening forms of AMS like high altitude pulmonary edema and high altitude cerebral edema. 

Lastly, I will walk through urban myths and miracle cures for altitude issues to sift out what works, what might work, and what definitely does not work, according to research and science.

Julie Daniels
Julie Daniels
Fourteener Hiker
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"I can wholeheartedly say that Alex gives fantastic advice and has evident expertise and wise knowledge. I really value all of his contributions to the 14ers, and I am always impressed with how he has interacted with those learning. Alex cares about our mountains and our community. If you’re reading this and about to tackle your first 14er, it will behoove you to participate in Alex Derr’s webinar."

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Meet Your Webinar Trainer: Alex Derr

Alex is an Eagle Scout, mountaineer, and outdoor advocate based in Denver, Colorado. As the founder and Chief Mountain Officer at The Next Summit, he creates route guides, webinars, and other resources to help people safely explore the mountains of the West while leaving no trace for the next generation. With more than 50 ascents of peaks taller than 13,000 feet in all four seasons, he is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with others to help them stay safe and be successful in their mountain endeavors. 

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