Colorado 14er Gift Ideas

Colorado 14er Gift Ideas | 29 Presents for Peak Baggers

If you’ve got a 14er peak bagger among your friends and family, it’s a great opportunity to find a gift that fits their unique hobby and interest. As an avid 14er climber myself, I spend a day collecting some of the best Colorado 14er gift ideas I could find from all over the internet. I’ve sorted the best 29 ideas according to their type below. Happy shopping!


Colorado 14er Gift Ideas: Hiking & Camping Gear

1) Emergency Bivy

There’s no better present than safety and security on the trail. An emergency bivy can be lifesaving if you have to spend an unplanned night outdoors in alpine terrain if you get lost or injured. A basic starter bivy only costs $50 or less, but provides far more value than that if you ever need to use it in the field. 

Buy an Emergency Bivy Here.

2) Water Filtration System

Water is another critical requirement to survive in the mountains if something goes wrong. A water filtration system provides a backup source of water from the many streams and alpine lakes that dot the Rocky Mountains. While some people prefer other methods of water treatment, a filtration system is among the most widely used.

Buy a Water Filtration System Here.

3) Kahtoola Microspikes

If you hike in the spring or fall in Colorado, microspikes come in handy following snow showers that make the trail slick. If you’re hiking in winter, they’re an absolute necessity for navigating snowy and icy terrain. I recommend the Kahtoola brand specifically, known for the high quality and dependability of their products. They perform when you need them. 

Buy Microspikes Here. 

4) Osprey Talon 22 Backpack

This day backpack from Osprey has all the features you could want for a 14er hiking bag. The 22 liters of storage space is perfect for extra layers, first aid kit and other gear needed for short day trips. Plenty of room to store all these other Colorado 14er gift ideas! A stow-and-go trekking pole attachment and ice tool storage, along with tons of pockets, provide a spot for everything. On top of that it’s extremely comfortable.

Buy a Talon 22 Backpack Here.


5) Salomon X Ulta 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

I’ve used these hiking boots for all of my 14er climbs and have never regretted the purchase! They’re an amazingly comfortable pair of boots with good ankle support and gore-tex material to help your feet breath. They’re waterproofed too, which is great for stream crossings and muddy, snowy trails.

Buy a GTX Pair of Hiking Boots Here.

6) Adventure Medical Mountain Kit

A lot of 14er hikers never take the time to purchase a proper first aid kit. A small little kit from the store likely lacks a lot of the supplies you need in the alpine environment. A more sophisticated first aid kit like this series provides everything you need to stay safe and secure when climbing the Colorado 14ers.

Buy a Mountaineering First Aid Kit Here.

7) Jet Boil Backpacking Stove

The Jet Boil Stove System is one of the best on the market for mountaineers and backpackers alike. The system boils water in a matter of minutes, providing liquid for coffee or rehydrating meals faster than ever. It also makes melting snow speedy at altitude where that’s your only source. This is one of the pricier Colorado 14er gift ideas on the list, but it’s worth the cost.

Buy the Jet Boil Backpacking Stove Here.

8) Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

Trekking poles help a lot when hiking and climbing in the mountains. On the way up they allow you to use your arms to propel yourself forward and upward. On the way down, they help reduce the impact on your knees and joints. Even better, the provide stability and balance for creek crossings or patches of snow and ice on the trail.

Buy a pair of Trekking Poles Here.

Colorado 14er Gift Ideas: Tracking Climbs

9) Magnetic 14er Accomplishment Map

This stylized map features a horizon with all fifty-eight of the Colorado fourteeners stenciled in. It also comes with fifty-eight red magnets that you can use to track your progress as you climb to keep track of your completed summits.

Buy the Magnetic 14er Accomplishment Map Here.

10) Colorado Fourteener Scratch Off Poster

This poster with all of the fifty-eight Colorado 14ers has a section to peel off following each of your ascents, revealing a new design underneath. It’s a fun and unique way to track your progress towards climbing them all, especially for younger climbers like your kids! 

Buy the Colorado Fourteener Scratch Off Poster Here.

11) 14er Pin Tracking Map

This board comes in three different color schemes and features all fifty-eight fourteeners. Choose the colors you love most. Use pins to track your summits and display your progress on your wall.

Buy the 14er Pin Tracking Board Here.

12) Colorado 14er Map

This classic map features a stylized list of the 14ers, along with a list section where you can check or cross off each peak as you go. This no-frills option is great for folks who just want the basics for tracking their 14er journey over time.

Buy the Colorado 14er Summit Map Here.

13) Colorado 14er Summit Stamp Register

This innovative tracking map includes a more modern approach, with stylized pictures of each fourteener and an ink pad and rubber stamp to mark your accomplishment. This fun, creative way to remember your adventures has a sleek, modern appeal.

Buy the Rubber Stamp Colorado 14er Map Here.

14) Fourteener Journal & Logbook

This tracking tool is a bit different from the other options. Bring this journal and logbook with you on your climbs to take notes and respond to prompts about your time in the mountains. The result is a record of your trips you can read and re-read for years to come.

Buy the Fourteener Journal and Logbook Here.

15) Colorado 14er Checklist Flag

A more out-of-the-box checklist solution is this Fourteener Flag! With the name of each Colorado 14er and a spot to add a checkmark and date, you can bring the flag to each summit and ceremoniously sign and wave it from the top. This is one of the more creative Colorado 14er gift ideas on the list.

Buy the Colorado 14er Checklist Flag Here.

Colorado 14er Gift Ideas: Mountain Apparel

16) Colorado 14er Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

This long sleeve t-shirt is my favorite of all the clothing here, with a fun, stylized graphic that includes the names of all the Colorado fourteeners. Long sleeves are great for cool spring or fall evenings in the mountains so you can wear this piece out in the field or camping.

Buy the Fourteener Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Here.

17) Colorado Flag 14er Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

This fourteener short-sleeved T-Shirt is a better option for hot summer days. Themed after the Colorado flag, it also features the names of all the fifty-eight Colorado fourteeners.

Buy a Colorado Flag Fourteener T-Shirt Here.

18) Colorado Fourteener Socks

Anyone who hikes appreciates the importance of a good pair of socks. These Colorado Fourteener socks aren’t just good at warming your feet – they also show off your love of the state and these tall peaks. This is one of the best Colorado 14er Gift Ideas here.

Buy a pair of Colorado Pride Fourteener Socks Here.

19) Hiking Squad 14er Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

This unique T-Shirt features a sketch of a group of hikers and climbers enjoying the view from the top of a Colorado fourteener. For anyone who has sat and enjoyed the summit view themselves, they’ll enjoy this t-shirt as a reminder of the experience.

Buy the Hiking Squad 14er T-Shirt Here.

20) Rocky Mountains Baseball Cap

Any mountaineer knows what it’s like to end up with a face full of sunburn while exploring at high altitudes, especially when snow is around to reflect light. This baseball cap will keep your face protected and features a neat mountain graphic.

Colorado 14er Gift Ideas: Mountain Books & Movies

21) Colorado's Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs

Gerry Roach’s book is the closest thing to a bible that exists in the world of Colorado 14ers. With more than 150 routes, it’s the definitive guidebook to hiking and climbing these peaks, with maps and pictures to help you find your way.

22) The Dawn Wall

The Dawn Wall tells the story of Tommy Caldwell’s world famous climb of the Dawn Wall, arguably the most difficult climbing route in the world. Located in the heart of Yosemite National Park, the movie takes you on a journey through mountain ranges around the world as Tommy prepares for the most difficult ascent of his life.

Buy the Dawn Wall Here.

23) Colorado 14er Disasters

A lot of things can go wrong on a Colorado fourteener. In this well-known book, you’ll find stories of some of the most famous and tragic disasters that have taken place in the Colorado Rockies. Gripping tales of survival, in-depth analysis and recommendations to stay safe make this book complete.

24) Touching the Void

In 1985, two young climbers struggled to summit Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes for the very first time. While they accomplished their historic first ascent, disaster struck on their descent. The two must fight for survival and make tough decisions in the face of near death.

25) The Colorado 14ers: The Best Routes

This second Guidebook is prepared by the Colorado Mountain Club and is a great addition to Gerry Roach’s more well-known classic. This book digs into some of the best routes up the peaks, ignoring some of the less popular and enjoyable routes.

26) Free Solo

In the world of climbing today, Free Solo is probably the most well known movie, catapulted into popular culture after winning an Oscar. Join Alex Honnold on his quest to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any protection or ropes, 2,500 feet off the ground.

Buy Free Solo Here.

27) Halfway to Heaven: My White-knuckled--and Knuckleheaded--Quest for the Rocky Mountain High

This book tells the story of one Peak Bagger’s adventures summiting all of the fifty-eight Colorado fourteeners. With stories that many Colorado climbers can relate to, it’s an entertaining read that takes place right here in the Rocky Mountains.

Buy Halfway to Heaven Here.

28) Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills

If Mountaineering had an official text book, this would be it. Freedom of the Hills is among the most well known instructional climbing texts in the world, now in its ninth edition. For aspiring mountaineers looking to advance their technical skills, this is the perfect holiday gift.

Buy Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills Here.

29) Roof of the Rockies: A History of Colorado Mountaineering

For the mountaineering history buff, Roof of the Rockies is a must have. The book tells the story of Colorado mountaineering, including some of the sport’s most famous legends like Albert Ellingwood and Eleanor Ehrman née Davis. It’s my personal favorite of all these Colorado 14er Gift Ideas.

Buy Roof of the Rockies Here.

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