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Mount Elbert Winter Guide

How to Climb a Winter 14er

Recorded on Nov 15, 2022 | On Demand Video | Free Webinar

Climbing a 14er in winter is a completely different ballgame compared to the summer season. The temperature routinely drops below zero, with 10-foot snowdrifts and life-threatening avalanches common along the icy slopes. If you want to challenge yourself without killing yourself, watch my free webinar to get peak recommendations and advice to safely and successfully climb a 14er in winter conditions.

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Learn how to climb a 14er in December, January, February, and March when the Snow is Deep and Temps are Cold.

Climbing a 14er during the winter isn’t really hiking. For most routes, this is a true mountaineering challenge, requiring a new set of skills, knowledge, and gear to successfully reach the summit. Join this webinar to learn how to research and plan ahead, what to pack, and what to do while out on a mountain in the freezing cold and snow.

What Will You Learn During This Webinar?

I will share how to look up weather and snow forecasts, winter route information, avalanche forecasts and maps, and other data to help plan properly for winter 14ers.

We will review the layers you need to bring, along with special gear like microspikes, snowshoes, and an ice axe. We’ll also spend time re-iterating the importance of the ten essentials, and how they change during winter.

The two biggest challenges in winter are the snow and cold you’ll find in the mountains. We’ll discuss strategies for dealing with them both, including gear and clothing you can wear, as well as techniques for staying warm and moving quickly.

The risk is greater during winter on a 14er, which means you need to be prepared to recognize and respond to emergencies like illness, injury, or missing members of your party. We will discuss what to do in each kind of situation.

Lastly, I will share some specific recommendations on which peaks to climb, ranging from the most straightforward and most accessible to more challenging options with more risk as well, so you can choose the 14er with the level of risk you are most comfortable with.

Julie Daniels
Julie Daniels
Fourteener Hiker
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"I can wholeheartedly say that Alex gives fantastic advice and has evident expertise and wise knowledge. I really value all of his contributions to the 14ers, and I am always impressed with how he has interacted with those learning. Alex cares about our mountains and our community. If you’re reading this and about to tackle your first 14er, it will behoove you to participate in Alex Derr’s webinar."

Meet Your Webinar Trainer: Alex Derr

Alex is an Eagle Scout, hiker, and outdoor advocate based in Denver, Colorado. As the founder and Chief Mountain Officer at The Next Summit, he creates route guides, webinars, and other resources to help people safely explore the mountains of the West while leaving no trace for the next generation. With more than 65 ascents of peaks taller than 13,000 feet in all four seasons, he is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with others to help them stay safe and be successful in their mountain endeavors. 

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