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Navigating in the Mountains

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Navigating and route-finding in the mountains isn’t always easy. Trails can be hard to follow or disappear entirely, with multiple cairns leading you in a dozen different directions. One of the most common causes of accidents and deaths on the fourteeners involves getting off-route into more challenging terrain. In this free webinar, we’ll share advice and tips for staying on route and navigating while hiking or climbing in the mountains. It’ll help you stay safe and be successful in all your future backcountry adventures.

Everything You Need to Know to Stay On Route and Navigate in the Mountains

Getting lost on a fourteener is a lot easier than you might expect. Many trails have junctions or social trails that split off and can easily lead you astray. In this webinar, you’ll learn multiple skills for navigation and route-finding you can start using right away on your next hike or climb. Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

A map and compass are the most important navigation equipment you can bring with you. Unlike a GPS unit, they cannot run out of batteries or lose their signal. I’ll share how to use a map and compass to navigate and identify your location.

GPS is a very helpful navigation tool in addition to a map and compass. I’ll provide some recommendations and advice on what to consider when purchasing a GPS unit or app subscription.

As you’re walking up the trail and scrambling over rock, what are some best practices for identifying and staying on the route? I’ll share my process for navigating and ensuring I’m in the right place.

Even with all the right preparations, it is still possible to end up off-route and lost. I will finish with some practical tips for calling for help and getting found.

Julie Daniels
Julie Daniels
Fourteener Hiker
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"I can wholeheartedly say that Alex gives fantastic advice and has evident expertise and wise knowledge. I really value all of his contributions to the 14ers, and I am always impressed with how he has interacted with those learning. Alex cares about our mountains and our community. If you’re reading this and about to tackle your first 14er, it will behoove you to participate in Alex Derr’s webinar."

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Meet Your Webinar Trainer: Alex Derr

Alex is an Eagle Scout, mountaineer, and outdoor advocate based in Denver, Colorado. As the founder and Chief Mountain Officer at The Next Summit, he creates route guides, webinars, and other resources to help people safely explore the mountains of the West while leaving no trace for the next generation. With more than 40 ascents of peaks taller than 13,000 feet in all four seasons, he is passionate about sharing his experience and expertise with others to help them stay safe and be successful in their mountain endeavors. 

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