You brought the right gear, thoroughly researched your route, and checked all the forecasts ahead of time. But despite your best efforts you’ve still ended up off-route and overdue with a gentle snowfall beginning to set in. Now what?

Learn what you need to know to survive an unplanned night outdoors in winter-like conditions in this free mountain skills series webinar. 

The webinar starts in...


During the webinar you will learn...

Create or find shelter and build a fire for warmth >>

The temperature in the mountains can drop down to zero or worse during the winter months. This is why starting a fire is critically important should you get lost or injured. We’ll discuss how to find or build a shelter and build a fire to help you stay warm.

Wilderness first aid for common winter problems >>

Winter poses numerous threats to your health and well-being. While hypothermia is directly life-threatening, frostbite can hamper your ability to work and quickly incapacitate you too. I will cover common first aid methods for winter conditions and illnesses.

Call for SAR and help them find you more quickly >>

What’s the right way to call for help, and how can I make it easier for them to find me? These are the exact kinds of questions we’ll be answering, helping you know exactly what to do should you ever get injured or lost on a winter hike or climb in the mountains.

Meet Your Webinar Lead Presenter:

Alex Derr, M.P.A.

Mountaineer, Eagle Scout & Writer

Alex is a mountaineer, Eagle Scout, and environmental policy expert based in Denver, Colorado. With more than 40 ascents above 13,000 feet, he’s helped hundreds learn to stay safe while exploring America’s mountains. He created The Next Summit to help educate those new to the mountains about leave no trace outdoor ethics and mountain safety practices. More than 200,000 people use his resources each year.

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