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Each 14er has one standard route, the most well-established and usually safest way up the mountain. While there are many routes (more than a dozen on some peaks), the Standard Route is the best place to get started for most beginners. Here are a few 14er Route Guides of the named and ranked California 14ers. You can find all the 14er Route Guides sorted by Range further below.

14er Standard Routes by Range

Cascade Range

Sierra Nevada Range

White Mountain Range

My California 14er Route Guides Help Provide Knowledge You Need to Succeed

Each of my California 14er route guides includes a topographical map and trailhead map, weather information, and a detailed description of the hike, scramble or climb. I also include helpful advice and links for first time fourteener climbers. My 14er route guides page is still a work in progress – thanks for your patience as I continue writing and uploading more 14er route guides.