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Winter Survival

Sharpen Your Winter Survival Skills During our Next Free Webinar

As the winter season wraps the landscapes in a pristine blanket of snow, the allure of the outdoors becomes irresistible to adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. However, the enchanting beauty of the cold months is matched by the challenges and dangers it presents.

Recognizing the need for preparedness and safety, The Next Summit is thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar that is a must-attend for anyone looking to safely navigate the winter wonderland: Winter Survival Skills and Techniques.

Webinar Details

Scheduled for February 28, 2024, at 7:00 PM Mountain Time, this webinar is not just an event; it’s a comprehensive crash course in winter survival, led by Alex Derr, a seasoned survival expert and the Director of The Next Summit.

With an impressive background as an Eagle Scout, Leave No Trace educator, and a veteran of over 70 peaks taller than 13,000 feet, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this session.

What's in Store for You?

The webinar is designed to cover all bases, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to handle the winter’s unpredictability. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

  • Preparation and Planning: Get insights into essential pre-adventure steps, gear selection, weather assessment, and emergency planning to ensure you’re never caught off guard.

  • Hypothermia and Frostbite Prevention: Learn to identify the early signs of cold-related injuries, with practical tips on dressing to prevent them and immediate treatments.

  • Building Snow Shelters: Discover how to construct life-saving shelters in the snow, ranging from snow caves to igloos, ensuring you can weather any storm.

  • Fire Starting in Snow: Master the techniques for igniting and sustaining a fire in challenging wet and windy conditions, a critical skill for warmth and emergency signaling.

  • Winter Navigation: Navigate confidently through snow-covered terrains using traditional and modern tools, including how to stay oriented in whiteout conditions.

  • Food and Hydration: Understand the strategies for maintaining energy and hydration, including the best foods to carry and safe methods to melt snow for drinking.

The session will conclude with an interactive Q&A, giving you the opportunity to have your most pressing winter survival questions answered by Alex and other experts.

Why You Should Register

Whether you’re a seasoned winter adventurer or a newcomer to cold-weather outdoor activities, this webinar is tailored to enhance your skills, knowledge, and confidence in tackling winter’s challenges. 

Plus, if you’re unable to attend live, registering ensures you receive an on-demand recording to watch at your convenience.

Don't Miss Out: Secure Your Spot Now!

Ready to elevate your winter outdoor experiences with expert guidance and proven survival techniques? Register now for “Mastering the Cold: Winter Survival Skills and Techniques” and take the first step towards a safer and more enjoyable winter adventure. This is your opportunity to learn from the best, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and prepare for the cold like never before.

Register Here and transform your winter outings into safe, exhilarating experiences that you’ll cherish forever.

Embrace the cold, conquer the challenges, and join us in making every winter adventure a story worth telling. See you on February 28!

Alex Derr, Founder of The Next Summit

Alex Derr is an Eagle Scout, climber, and environmental policy expert located in Denver, Colorado. He created The Next Summit to help others stay safe exploring the mountains and advocate to preserve the peaks for the future. Follow him on Linkedin or Twitter or click here to contact him.

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