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Best 8 Person Tents

Best 8 Person Tents: 4 Top Options for Performance, Value, and Weight

In the realm of outdoor adventures, selecting the perfect tent is not just about finding shelter; it’s about creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. The ideal 8-person tent merges space with comfort, withstands the elements, and becomes a home away from home. With the vast array of options available, we’ve curated a list of the best 8 person tents that combine performance, value, and weight, catering to every camper’s needs.

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Selecting the Perfect 8-Person Tent: A Buyer’s Guide

Embarking on an outdoor adventure with a larger group necessitates a tent that is spacious, durable, and comfortable. When scouring the market for the “best 8-person tents,” consider these essential criteria to guide your choice:
  • Space and Comfort: Prioritize tents offering ample space for occupants and their gear. A high peak height is crucial for a roomy feel.
  • Durability Against the Elements: Opt for tents with robust construction to brave the weather, be it rain, wind, or snow. Waterproof ratings and strong pole structures are key indicators of a tent’s resilience.
  • Ventilation: Adequate airflow is vital to prevent condensation, with designs featuring multiple vents or mesh panels leading the pack.
  • Ease of Setup: Time is of the essence in the great outdoors. Tents with a reputation for quick and hassle-free setup get you closer to nature faster.
  • Portability: Consider the tent’s weight and packed size, especially if your campsite is off the beaten path.
  • Innovative Features: Extra amenities like room dividers, gear vestibules, and interior pockets can elevate your camping experience.

With these factors in mind, let’s explore the top contenders that meet and exceed these standards.

Top Picks for the Best 8-Person Tents

Here are my four favorite 8-person tents, including my top two choices, a budget option, and the best lightweight option. Let’s dig in!

Note: The links below are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made after clicking the links at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Next Summit!

1. The North Face Wawona 8 Tent - $699

The North Face Wawona 8 Tent

The North Face Wawona 8 is the epitome of a family camping haven. It’s lauded for its expansive vestibule, robust build, and superior ventilation. This tent stands as a beacon of durability and comfort, making it our top choice for families and groups seeking the best outdoor experience.

2. Coleman Skydome XL 8-Person Tent with LED Lighting - $290

Innovation meets convenience in the Coleman Skydome XL. The integrated LED lighting system sets a cozy ambiance for night-time gatherings, while the WeatherTec system promises dry nights under the stars. Its spacious design and ease of setup make it a runner-up that’s hard to overlook.

3. Best Value: Coleman Skydome 8-Person Tent - $185

Best 8 Person Tent Budget Choice

Budget-conscious campers rejoice at the Coleman Skydome 8-Person Tent. This model deftly balances affordability with performance, featuring quick setup times and commendable weatherproofing. It’s the go-to choice for those seeking great value without sacrificing quality.

4. Best Lightweight Option: Kammok Kuhli XL Group Tarp Shelter - $260

Best 8 Person Tent Lightweight Choice

For the minimalist adventurers, the Kammok Kuhli XL offers a lightweight, versatile shelter solution. This tarp shelter challenges traditional tent norms, offering ultralight protection for those keen on backpacking or reducing pack weight, without compromising on shelter.

Maximizing Your 8-Person Tent Experience

Camping is not always as easy or obvious as it appears. Here are some tips and advice to make the most of your new 8-person tent, especially if you are new to the outdoors.

First-Time Tips

  • Pre-Trip Setup: Familiarize yourself with your tent by setting it up at home, saving you time and potential stress at your campsite.
  • Seam Sealing: Enhance your tent’s weather resistance by applying a seam sealer for an extra layer of protection against rain.
  • Space Organization: Utilize interior pockets and consider using a room divider if your tent has one, to keep living spaces organized and comfortable.

Tent Care 101

  • Cleaning and Drying: Post-adventure, clean your tent with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  • Storage: Store your tent in a cool, dry place, loosely packed to maintain fabric integrity and ensure longevity.
  • Waterproofing: To extend your tent’s lifespan, remember to add a new coat of waterproofing every 1-2 years to ensure it stays protective.

Conclusion: Embark with the Best 8 Person Tents

Embarking on a group camping adventure requires a tent that you can rely on. Our curated list of the best 8-person tents for 2024 offers something for every camper, from the budget-conscious to those seeking the pinnacle of camping luxury and convenience. Remember, the right tent not only provides a place to rest but also enriches your outdoor experiences, making every moment spent in the wilderness unforgettable.


If I haven’t addressed your question yet, leave a comment and I will get back to you with an answer and more information as soon as possible.

Q: What makes a tent brand the best?

A: The best tent brand is one that aligns with your specific needs, offering a blend of durability, comfort, and innovative features. It is a subjective decision that depends on your personal taste and priorities. Brands like The North Face and Coleman have built reputations on these principles.

A: While an 8-person tent is designed for eight, opting for a larger size can provide additional comfort and storage space, especially for longer trips or if you have lots of gear. It is also a good choice for those camping with a pet or kids.

A: Bigger tents offer more space and comfort but consider the trade-offs in terms of weight, setup complexity, and portability depending on your camping style and location. For example, an 8-person tent is not a realistic option for backpacking, but would be a great choice for car camping with friends.

A: If you often camp with a group of 5 or more, an 8-person tent offers more space and comfort. For smaller groups, a 6-person tent might suffice. If you do not care about a slightly higher cost, an 8-person tent may be a better choice in the long run.

A: Yes, a larger tent can be more challenging to heat in cold weather, harder to find suitable campsite space for, and heavier to transport.

Additional Resources

For those looking to dive deeper into finding the best 8-person tents for their outdoor adventures in 2024, here is a compilation of additional resources and reviews. These links offer a wealth of information, from detailed product reviews to comparisons and guides, to help you make the most informed decision:

  • Outdoor Life offers insights into various 8-person tents, focusing on aspects like setup difficulty, weather resistance, and overall design uniqueness. A detailed review of the NEMO Wagontop 8 highlights its spacious interior and weather resilience​ (Outdoor Life)​.

  • Territory Supply provides a comparison of different tents, focusing on their durability, insulation, and floor area, with specific mentions of the Coleman Dark Room Skydome and Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8 for their balance of cost and performance​ (Territory Supply)​.

  • Field & Stream highlights the Big Agnes Bunk House’s easy setup and the Eureka Copper Canyon LX’s excellent weather protection and interior storage, offering a good mix of features for group camping​ (Field & Stream)​.

  • The Atlas Heart suggests the Coleman 8-Person Instant Cabin Tent and Coleman Montana as great options for family camping, emphasizing their quick setup and budget-friendly prices​ (The Atlas Heart)​.

  • Wilderness Times lists the CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent and Browning Camping Big Horn Tent among the best 8-person tents, focusing on their overall quality and durability​ (Wilderness Times)​.

  • Adventure Daily recommends the REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent for its easy setup and excellent ventilation, making it a strong contender for family camping​ (Adventure Daily)​.

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